Creating and managing custom playlists

1. To view the Custom Playlists section, start by clicking the ‘Custom Playlists’ menu from any screen in the app.

2. To create a new Custom Playlist, select the ‘CREATE NEW CUSTOM PLAYLIST’ option.

3. To edit/manage an existing Custom Playlist, click it in the list of “Your Playlists” at the bottom swimlane of the feature.

If you create a new Custom Playlist, the first action is to name it. Choose something descriptive and customer friendly! When complete, click ‘next’ at the bottom.

4. Now choose your channels:

5. These are the channels you have chosen, in the order they will play. Since it’s a loop,
don’t worry too much about the order.

6. Click from 2-10 channels below to fill in the desired Custom Playlist.

Now your playlist is ready. The default option will play each channel for 15 minutes.

7. Play the channel now

8. Remove all the selected channels to start fresh

9. Choose a new name for your channel

10. Remove the Custom Playlist altogether

11. Clicking on one of the channels will allow you to choose a different playback time for each channel independently from 5-60 minutes each:

Editing an existing channel

Navigate to the Custom Playlists section as before, and click the desired Playlist:
Then simply choose edit:

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Stay connected @moovmusicau

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