How do I install my device?

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Your device is shipped with Atmosphere pre-loaded onto it. No other apps may be downloaded onto it, as this device is made for streaming Atmosphere only.

Included: Apple TV, power cable, Siri remote & charger, HDMI cable and an Ethernet cable.

  1. Plug your Apple TV into power and connect it to your television with the provided HDMI cable. Then power on your television if you haven’t already, and select the HDMI input that your Apple TV is connected to.

    If you’re using any other components, such as switch boxes or splitters, we recommend directly connecting to your TV and completing the setup first. Use the appropriate video converters if the switch or splitter is not HDMI compatible.

  2. Navigate using the Clickpad/Touch surface of your Apple TV remote. To choose an option, click the centre button of the Clickpad. If you choose the wrong language, press the Back (<) button to return to the previous screen. For more information on using the Apple TV remote, click here.
  3. When you reach this screen, select Set Up Manually.

  4. Follow the onscreen steps and connect to your Wi-Fi network. You may also use an ethernet cable connected to the Apple TV from your router for best results. Please note, Apple TV doesn’t support public or subscription networks with sign-in requirements. 

  5. After joining the network, the Apple TV will activate and configure. This may take a few minutes.
  6. After configuration is completed, the below screen will appear. Here, you may only see a settings icon. It may take up to 15 minutes for the Atmosphere TV app to appear. If it takes longer, please contact us.
  7. Before you proceed to the Atmosphere TV app please turn off the Apple TV sleep settings.
    Go to settings > General > Sleep time> and change it to ‘Never’ sleep.
  8. After the Atmosphere app has appeared, use the remote to select the app and open our channel menu.

    From here select a channel you’d like to watch or create a custom playlist. Happy streaming!

    Please email [email protected] or call 07 5587 7222 for further help!

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© Moov Music 2020. All Rights Reserved.
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